United Utilities
Write and produce a radio advert on one of three themes:

  • Reservoir Safety – letting people know about the dangers of swimming in reservoirs and open water
  • Saving Water – explaining why this is important
  • Think before you Flush – to get people thinking about what exactly they should and should not flush down the loo

United Utilities

  • Research and discuss the United Utilities business and brand values
  • Engage in a real-world project with direct local relevance
  • Writing with a purpose – knowing that more than one or two people will read their work is motivation to do well and communicate clearly
  • Gain an understanding of an aspect of marketing (radio advertising) and how persuasive messages are created and constructed

Speech“It’s the first time I’ve been involved this year and I want to be involved next year.  It wasn’t only the radio adverts that the kids came up with; it was actually the pitches as well.  To come into a Head Office like UU and into our Boardroom and to be so confident was fantastic.  I don’t think I would ever have done that when I was a kid.”

Mike Wood
Network Business Manager
United Utilities


Number of schools engaged


Number of commercials submitted


Youtube views during Social Media Challenge

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