Welcome to the social media challenge, the commercials below have been shortlisted for the Staffordshire Police CSE Prevention Challenge and they need your help to celebrate their great work.

The SMC is a public vote so family and friends have an opportunity to vote for their favourite advert from the selection below. You’ll need to do all you can to share the link and promote your advert and there are so many things your school can do to increase engagement.  If you have regular assemblies, this is the perfect opportunity to inform the whole school

  • If you have regular assemblies, this is the perfect opportunity to inform the whole school
  • Do you have a school twitter, Facebook page or blog site? Feel free to share the link where you can.
  • Feel free to invite parents/guardians associated with the school to follow us on Twitter @ucreateproject. Your pupils need your support so retweet to help generate more awareness and more views too!

All finalists’ entries will be used by Staffordshire Police’s Preventing CSE team, to help raise awareness to other children and young people along with parents, carers and professionals.

There will be winners from each Key Stage and a winner from the SMC and all will be invited to attend a Youth Conference hosted by Staffordshire Police on Monday 20th June 10am, where the entries will be showcased and prizes awarded.

We’d like to wish you all the very best of luck and happy voting!


Before you begin…..
TickWatch briefing video and make note of key points


BlankTickDon’t forget to check out the Resources & Links


TickDownload the script template


TickFind music and sound effects in the sound library.


If you have any further questions or require support during project, please contact Rachel White.


01925 251 876


Please make sure your adverts are submitted by 5:00pm Wednesday 18th May 2016

We require you to send your commercials along with the scripts. You can do this on the ucreate platform in any audio or video format or by all other formats via email.

Submissions Email –


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