To inspire young people to save energy.

  • Highlighting issues such as installing energy saving lamps, checking thermostats are set to the right temperature and never leaving appliances on standby
  • Understand how precious energy is and learn how much energy they use
  • Take action against wastage, making sure that we’ll always have enough energy and helping families to use no more energy than they need


  • Research and discuss the E.ON business and brand values
  • Discuss real business issues, figure out concepts and build confidence
  • Writing with purpose – knowing that more than one or two people will read their work is motivation to do well and communicate clearly
  • Work collaboratively towards a common goal sharing consequences of success and failure
  • Learn about how radio commercials are produced and broadcast

ucreate was a fantastic addition to our portfolio of energy-related programmes – it gave us an opportunity to engage students in a more creative way.  It far exceeded our expectations.  People were talking about it in their local communities – I witnessed that first hand.”

Suzanne Doxey
Community Relations Manager


Number of schools engaged


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