To promote the launch of new local stores

  • To excite customers and encourage them to visit their new store
  • To highlight specific store features (e.g. George clothing, click & collect, fish counter, home shopping, petrol)
  • Mention the store address

Finish with the strap line – ASDA Saving you money every da


  • Research and discuss the Asda business and brand values
  • Engage in a real-world project with direct local relevance
  • Planning and scripting – this supports English curriculum outcomes such as writing for different audiences and writing in forms other than standard prose
  • Gain hands-on experience of audio recording and editing, use of music and soundeffects to create a more engaging message

“I have to say, we’ve had great fun with this and achieved some really worthwhile learning. It was such a challenge and motivating on a range of levels – understanding a real brief for a store we could relate to, being literally on our doorstep, taking on board top tips from a professional, working collaboratively (never easy!), ‘performing’ & recording using a range of technology the children weren’t familiar with and sticking to a deadline.

I know they could be a lot more polished but I wanted my class to own this project, for it to be their ideas, their interpretation, their edit.”

Tina Jones
Y5 Class Teacher
Christ Church CE Primary School, Birkenhead


Number of schools engaged


Number of commercials submitted

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